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3 Reasons why the Skin Hygiene Liquid is Essential for Healthy, Hygienic Skin

  • Aug 10, 2021
  • Written By: BoroPlus
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Be it summer, winter or any other season, caring for your skin is important, no matter how minimal or extravagant your routine may be. However, often we tend to look at skincare as something that just makes our skin look good, rather than feel good.

Nevertheless, beautiful skin is more than just lathering your skin in a ton of products, don't you think? Especially, when most of these products are heavily formulated with chemicals that are harmful to skin health.

Today, many skin experts and dermatologists are asking us to reconsider the way we think about our skin and its needs. Caring for your skin doesn’t just have to be about appearance, it is about your skin feeling healthy, clean and hygienic. This can be achieved by treating your skin with gentle and rich natural ingredients. Once your skin feels hygienic, it tends to radiate that health too.

So are you ready to pamper your skin with some gentle, soothing care? Read on to find out why the unique Skin Hygiene Liquid is an essential product to have for better skin health and hygiene.

  1. Multipurpose Miracle

    If you’re one of those people who prefer owning multipurpose products to just keep life simple, BoroPlus Skin Hygiene liquid might be just what you need. There are several uses of the product which makes it a perfect fit for your daily routine. Some of the uses are:

    • Add a capful in your daily bath water to have a refreshing bath while eliminating viruses and 99.9% germs.

    • Use directly on the skin, without any burning sensation, as a solution for minor cuts and wounds and even those pesky insect bites.

    Sometimes, during hot and humid seasons when the body is prone to sweating, many skin issues such as prickly heat and rashes emerge, and we all know how uncomfortable they feel. The Skin Hygiene Liquid can also be used for these cases.

    • Can be applied directly to the areas affected by prickly heat and rashes to provide instant relief.

    Now if you’re thinking - these skin problems are usually occasional, what about daily usage? Well, the product works equally great for your small daily concerns:

    • Can be used as an after-shave, antiseptic solution

    • Can be used to heal irritated skin post-waxing and threading.

    Talk about multipurpose usage!

  2. Ayurvedic Composition

    A lot of Ayurvedic products are available in the market today, but it is important to know what works for your skin the best, and why, to make the right choice. When it comes to choosing products for daily hygiene, natural ingredients are your best bet. BoroPlus Skin Hygiene Liquid contains skin-loving ingredients like Neem, Tulsi and Aloe Vera. Neem is a powerhouse herb, and its natural antibacterial properties can help treat skin infections and soothe irritation. Tulsi is also a natural antiseptic and owing to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can help heal skin and reduce inflammation. Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer and is highly anti-inflammatory too. Therefore, it works effectively to both soothe and moisturize skin.

  3. Heals Without Hurting

    Contrary to the popular belief of antiseptic liquids being harsh on the skin, BoroPlus Skin Hygiene Liquid is super gentle. The burning sensation that is generally associated with antiseptic liquids is absent in the product, as it heals without hurting the skin. The product is, very soothing to the skin, and is moisturizing in nature - qualities that set it apart from other similar products in the market. In an age where most skin products are chemically formulated, it is important to go back to our roots and consider what it is that your skin really wants. Your skin needs gentle, soothing care for it to radiate health and hygiene. BoroPlus Skin Hygiene Liquid simplifies this care for your skin with its simple, natural and effective combination of antiseptic, moisturizing and Ayurvedic properties. Brought to you by India’s No. 1 Antiseptic brand BoroPlus, it is a multipurpose product, that can become the perfect addition to your daily hygiene routine and can satisfy your skin’s many needs. So, bring home your daily hygiene partner and say hello to healed and moisturized skin!

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