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How to Pick a Gentle and Natural Body Wash

  • Aug 10, 2021
  • Written By: BoroPlus
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What we often forget is that skincare is not only about caring for your face. While the face may be important, sensitive and deserving of all our attention, the rest of our skin cannot be ignored.

There are so many soaps, shower gels and body washes in the market to help us find the best products for our skin. While some are expensive, others might cost us our good night’s sleep due to the many chemicals they have. Many others are available in a gazillion scents, colours, sizes and bottles. And yet, one question that makes us pause while shopping, be it online or in a supermarket aisle is - “Which one is for me?”

If you find yourself in the middle of such confusion often, read on to find out the answer.

  1. Know your skin type!

    Before picking the right body wash or shower gel, you must know your skin type. If your skin often feels itchy with white marks appearing all over your body, you probably have moderate to very dry skin. In such cases, it is best to look for a product that will intensely hydrate your skin, while still cleansing it.

    If your skin looks shiny even on a cold day or gets sweaty and sticky too often, it is probably because your skin’s natural quality veers towards moderate to very oily. In such a case, it is best to look for products that cleanse the skin of its sticky feeling without harsh detergents that steal all the essential hydration from your skin.

    If your skin feels easily irritated or tends to develop rashes quickly, it is most likely moderate to very sensitive. Hence, it is important to pick a product that is free from artificial fragrances, dyes or any other harmful chemicals that can irritate it even more.

    Nevertheless, no matter the type of skin you have, it is best to choose products that cleanse your skin while still retaining its moisture. Products with natural ingredients are your best pick in such a scenario. This brings us to our next point.

  2. Look for natural ingredients

    Skincare trends may come and go but natural ingredients will always be in style. They are being used since forever and are here to stay, for all the good reasons. Here are some that could be your skin’s best friends.

    Neem: Neem is not only great for healing but has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce bumps, dryness, itchiness and redness. It also reduces blemishes while cleansing your skin of all the harmful germs.

    Lavender: Lavender is a great skin regenerator. It improves blood circulation and helps maintain your complexion. Its toning effect can help fight signs of ageing and leave your skin rejuvenated! Vitamin E: It is not a secret that Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can fight UV damage to the skin. It also helps nourish and protect your skin.

    Almond: Antioxidants like Vitamin E make almonds a sought after ingredient of skincare products by providing all-round protection to the skin, including sun damage repair. Omega-3 fatty acids add to the skin’s natural exuberance and proteins help replace old and dead cells quickly!

    Turmeric: 4000 years and more. That’s all we have to say! Antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory- turmeric has it all, making it a miracle for your skin due to its skin-lightening and microcirculation-boosting powers!

    Honey: The perfect cleanser, a natural exfoliator, a super hydrator, honey is simply the best for your skin!

    Due to the endless benefits of such natural ingredients to your skin, the BoroPlus range of Body Washes are formulated with some of these magic ingredients. You can check out more about these products and their benefits here. (Hyperlink this to the e-commerce page)

  3. Look around you. Which season is it?

    Be it summer, winter or monsoon, does your skin stay the same all year round? Hardly! That’s why it’s important to keep changing your products to ensure you have hydrated, healthy skin 365 days a year!

    As mercury drops, so does the moisture in the air. And then, all you are left with is dry skin! Any Body Wash that hydrates your skin is your best friend for winters.

    And if the mercury hasn’t dropped yet, it’s most definitely summer, the season when we tend to mostly forget caring for our skin because of the unbearable heat. But here is something you need to remember - don’t stop exfoliating, don’t stop moisturizing! Just remember to switch your heavy body wash with something lighter. And you are all set with your summer skincare!

  4. Learn to say no!
    No to silicones, parabens and mineral oils.

    Using a body wash without silicones or parabens means your skin will stay more protected and supple. Also watch out for mineral oils, because they tend to clog your pores, leading to even more persistent skin problems. Your safest bet would be a soap-free body wash, which can lather up as good as the body washes out there that have nasty chemicals and harsh detergents. Here again, you can try the BoroPlus Body Washes, which have a soap-free formula and are ideal for all skin types!

    While this article covers as many points as possible to help you know how to pick the perfect body wash, hit us up on social media if you think we have missed out on anything. So, un-pause your trip to the grocery store or on that e-commerce site and pick the right body wash for you. Happy top-to-toe healthy skin to you with BoroPlus Antiseptic and Moisturizing range of Body Wash that contains Richness of Lavender, Neem and Vitamin E and Richness of Almond, Honey & Turmeric! (Image Links for the two different variants respectively)

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