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Top 5 Things to Look for in a Hand Sanitizer

  • Aug 10, 2021
  • Written By: BoroPlus
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In the last year, people have taken a multitude of measures to keep themselves protected from viruses and germs. The Centre for Disease Control (the CDC) recommends that people wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water for hygiene and safety purposes. But often, especially when you are outdoors or on-the-go, you may not have the means to do so or even lack access to a good quality handwash . We look for easy solutions to our problems, and an increasingly popular way of disinfecting and protecting against germs is a hand sanitizer.

However, in the last one and a half years, the market has been flooded with many types of hand sanitizers, each with its unique formula and with its own sets of benefits. In this scenario, it can get overwhelming to decide which is the right one for you. Questions like, ‘What to look for in a hand sanitizer?’, ‘What are the ideal set of benefits to have?’ or ‘What ingredients are a must in a hand sanitizer?’ are questions that might pop up in your mind, repeatedly. Read on to get an answer for all of them!

Here are 5 things that your hand sanitizer should ideally have:

  1. Antiseptic properties: This goes without saying, but an ideal hand sanitizer should kill 99.99% germs and viruses to protect you from unwanted illnesses and diseases.

  2. 70% alcohol content: If the goal is to not get sick and prevent the spread of disease, then an alcohol-based sanitizer is a must to effectively kill germs. The CDC recommends a sanitizer with 60-70% alcohol content to maximize the elimination of germs and viruses.

  3. Moisturizing properties: Most effective hand sanitizers on the market are alcohol-based, which, while being effective in killing germs tend to leave you with dry hands. The BoroPlus Hand Sanitizer has the moisturizing property that sets it apart from other sanitizers, leaving your hands soft smooth skin after every use.

  4. Herbal and Natural: Often companies incorporate a ton of chemicals into hygiene products. While they may be effective, the harsh chemicals turn out to be harmful for your skin as well as your health in the long run. Additionally, the abundant benefits that natural ingredients can provide are forfeited. A sanitizer like the BoroPlus Advanced Anti-Germ Hand Sanitizer is a boon as it is Ayurvedic and utilizes the natural Antiseptic properties of Neem and Tulsi.

  5. Family Friendly: When you are out and about with friends and family, a sanitizer is an efficient way of cleaning up and maintaining hygiene on the go. Ensuring your sanitizer is safe to use by your entire family is a plus, because it allows you to carry around hygiene in a bottle, no matter where you go.

Ultimately, the ideal hand sanitizer should be skin-friendly, while giving you all the benefits listed above. The BoroPlus Advanced Anti-Germ Hand Sanitizer boasts a 70% alcohol base to kill viruses and 99.99% germs, while leaving your skin soft and moisturized, through the goodness of Ayurveda. Recommended by doctors, it is safe to be used by your entire family. So, the next time you go to a store to buy yourself a sanitizer, why not get one that is the best for you?

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