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5 Elegantly Stylish Tips On How To Dress For A Party

  • Feb 29, 2016
  • Written By: Akruti Sarka
  • Blog Reads: 4084

If there is one thing I know for a fact, it’s that not everyone is fashion forward. There are those of us who love to try new styles and then there are those who love to stick to the clothes they are comfortable in. I however, love to experiment with my style which is why I’ve come up with elegantly stylish tips on how to dress for a party.

1. A good canvas: Any good make-up routine begins with a good canvas. Makeup can transform you, yes! But is your skin ready for it? Do you often make the mistake of not wearing a good moisturizer before you start with your everyday ritual?

If yes then stop right away. Moisturizing your skin is a very important step if you want to paint on a clean and supple canvas. Make it a point to moisturize your face every time to decide to wear makeup. I recommend BoroPlus as it’s the most suitable and a natural product for Indian skin. It is enriched with the natural goodness of nourishing almonds and moisturizing milk cream which penetrates deep into the skin, maintains moisture balance, making skin soft, healthy and ready for makeup.


2. Clutch: Don’t worry, I’ll get to the dress. But first I want to deal with the clutch. Apart from keeping your valuables safe, a chic clutch that compliments your dress and shoes will definitely get the attention of the people at the party. Everyone loves attention and with a sexy clutch in your hands, you’ll definitely get it.


3. Accessories: Some call it bling, some call it jewellery; I call them accessories. Without them, your entire attire more or less falls flat; not something that young women like us want at a party. There are times when I have worn no accessories, making my hands and neck look naked; and then there are times where I have worn so many accessories that I stick out like a pimple on a face. Use heavy earrings, rings, neck pieces or bracelets but know that, you can only pick one or if you really have to, then two. You can also accessorize with belts, hair accessories, anklets or silk scarfs, but make sure it compliments your personality and style.


4. Shoes: Quick question, how many pairs of shoes do you have? If you couldn’t count exactly how many, you’re just like the rest of us. We have way too many shoes in our closet and we’re proud of it. I have everything from stilettos, high heels, wedges, pumps and flats to pick from while setting aside what I’m going to wear to a party. So no matter what I’m going to wear, I seem to find shoes that match my dress or wear a dress that matches my shoes.

P.S. Try to avoid flats and wear something with heels.


5. Dress: Finally, we’re here and I’ll get straight to it. If you want to keep it simple, know what shades suit you, what style of dress compliments your body and accordingly fill up your closet. Everything from your shoes to your makeup to your hairstyle are based on what dress you wear. Trust me when I say that no single hairstyle goes with every dress. Think twice, try it out at home and if you feel confident about it, go for it. Being confident about what you wear is what will truly make you look amazing.


If you think I missed out on some style tips that everyone could follow, please do mention it in the comments. After all, just like every one of us out there, I too just love to look my best no matter where I go.

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