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5 Essentials Every Girl Needs In Her Bag

  • Feb 24, 2016
  • Written By: Tanvi Patel
  • Blog Reads: 3955

Can you imagine a day without your bag? I can’t. For a woman, her bag is more than just an accessory. It is her compressed world. A world full of everything she needs and everything she wants; at any point in time. But sometimes we tend to stuff more than our pretty purses can hold, which makes them look as if they’ve over eaten. So here I am, sharing my experience that will help you cut out on all that junk and replace it with these 5, multipurpose wonder essentials that are just enough to get you through the day!

1. Hand sanitizer: Life in a metropolitan isn’t easy. Construction sites, bumpy roads, pollution can take a toll on your skin and health. Keeping a sanitizer with you at all times will keep these worries at bay, and countless unknown bacteria away.


2. Moisturizer: One thing about this city is that the weather here is always uncertain. How do you make sure that your skin puts up with it? By carrying a moisturizer with you at all times that is light in base, chemical-free, fights all skin problems and on top of it, is natural. I personally use BoroPlus as it is the best pick for my skin. If you like hints of chocolate in your daily lotions, you can also try its cocoa variant.


3. Tampons/Pads: One unexpected day, at a wrong time you just realize that oops! That time of the month has arrived. You could be out with your friends stranded somewhere or in the middle of a meeting. In times like these the having pads or tampons in your bag are nothing but a blessing. So, do carry!


4. Portable charger: Admit it. Your mobile is your link to the world.It stays with you 24/7 and living without it is impossible. What you don’t realize is that the battery of your phone is equally proportionate to your mood. Once it dies you feel restless, handicapped and disconnected.Hence make sure you carry a portable charger wherever you go!


With these 5 essentials in your bag we’re sure your life will be a lot easier!

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