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5 Reasons to Use Your Prickly Heat Powder Even After Summers

  • Aug 10, 2021
  • Written By: BoroPlus
  • Blog Reads: 6163
Picture this: You are excited to meet someone and equally excited about going out after a long time! You have figured out everything, from when you will leave your house to how you will get there, to what you will wear, to what you will eat. On the way, you realize there is a burning, itching, irritating sensation on your shoulders, and you lose your mind. It is prickly heat! Although a common unwanted guest that disrupts our summer plans, is prickly heat all about summers? And what does that mean for the prickly heat powder you just purchased last month? Before we answer all these and many more questions for you, let’s first understand what prickly heat is. What is prickly heat? We all sweat. It is our body’s way of cooling itself. But when the sweat glands clog, Bingo! A rash appears. And this is precisely what is commonly called prickly heat. Is this strictly a summer-bummer? Sadly not! All our bodies are different and so are the atmospheric conditions we live in. That’s why it is no surprise that a lot of us face prickly heat with or without the glaring summer sun for company. So, if it is not just a summer phenomenon, the prickly heat powder you just recently bought can have so many uses throughout the year. Here are all the situations in which you may need to use one.
  • Prickly heat is for more than just summers Ever slept on a not-so-hot night and woke up like it was summer? Or you may have turned the AC off, only to wake up sweating profusely because it's hot in the morning. And guess what that can cause? The super spoiler – prickly heat! And guess who will rescue you? Your magic prickly heat powder, of course!
  • It soothes your itchy skin Due to the reasons manifold, our skin can get irritated or develop rashes and lead to prickly heat. This usually occurs on the chest, shoulders and back. Powders that have soothing herbs can give quick relief when used consistently to help heal the irritation. In severe cases, visiting a dermatologist or skin expert is recommended, as not everything that itches can be healed by your prickly heat powder.
  • It keeps you cool  Prickly heat powder isn’t necessarily something you use once you are affected by prickly heat. It is a magical step that can help prevent rashes when added to your everyday skin routine! Be it a road trip, or a trek or a visit to a desert, a prickly heat powder is sure to keep you cool, fresh, and away from rashes!
  1. Keeps your skin refreshed Body odour is natural and at times, there is nothing you can do to control it! Is that true? Not really. There are many reasons for body odour. But prickly heat powders with antibacterial properties can not only block the body odour, but can kill bacteria that cause it, and keep you fresh and energized, all through the day! Wait! After all these clinical explanations, prickly heat powder might sound all medicinal, right? But it’s not so at all! The key to finding a good prickly heat powder is to look for anti-bacterial and skin-loving ingredients like in BoroPlus Prickly Heat Powder- Tulsi - The mother of all healing, antibacterial, antifungal herbs. Vetiver Oil – Its cooling abilities are well known in the world of skin care. Neem Oil – An anti-inflammatory herb, it loves pampering your skin. Marigold – The ingredient has healing properties and has been used to treat sensitivity, redness and even damage caused by UV radiation. and Sandal - Calms irritated skin and flattens breakouts to take care of your skin naturally! With its super gentle and refreshing mix of ingredients, BoroPlus Prickly Heat Powder keeps you going throughout the day, without any skin irritation! So, go ahead, add it to your daily skincare routine already! Let your skin heal, refresh and rejuvenate naturally.

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