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5 Reasons You Should Pick an Ayurvedic Soap Bar.

  • Aug 10, 2021
  • Written By: BoroPlus
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Are you working from home? Or working from the office? Or are you taking your online classes from your favourite café? Well, no matter where you spend your day, pollution, germs, and stress do not leave your side, affecting your skin adversely.

To combat the effects of these external elements that take a toll on our skin and health, we often use at-home kitchen ingredients as remedies to feel and look rejuvenated. However, when it comes to taking a shower or freshening up, we end up using chemical-infused soap bars and gels. Have you ever wondered what impact a soap with harmful chemicals, has on your skin? It makes the skin dry, taking away the nourishment with every use. Therefore, it is not enough to use natural products every now and then, while using chemical-based products regularly. Wondering what the solution is? Well, we have the perfect solution for you!

An Ayurvedic Soap! Ayurveda understands the care and nourishment that your skin requires, while also ensuring efficient protection from germs. It helps the skin glow and feels soft, keeping it safe naturally. Gentle on skin, ideal for everyday use and made with natural elements, equals a clean body with moisturised skin. This is what an ayurvedic soap is all about.

Ayurvedic Soap Bars – What does it contain?

Ayurvedic soaps are created with natural ingredients. Most of them use vegetable oil as a base with added herbs and natural ingredients. For instance, our BoroPlus 3in1 Smart soap is Antiseptic + Moisturizing + Ayurvedic, and is made with natural ingredients like Neem, Tulsi and Aloe Vera or Neem, Eucalyptus and Honey. They are also free from chemicals like parabens and silicones.

Here are a few reasons that will tell you why opting for an Ayurvedic soap is better for a healthy, safe skin.

  • No harmful chemicals –

    A shower that cleanses and moisturizes the skin at the same time, doesn’t just rejuvenate the body but also makes the body calmer. This also happens because most ingredients you use on your skin also penetrate deep inside and sometimes even enter your blood stream. That’s why it is important to choose products without harmful chemicals such as parabens and sulphates. These chemicals are often linked by scientific research to lots of diseases and illnesses. That’s why using Ayurvedic soaps without such harmful chemicals are vital. Hence, BoroPlus 3in1 Smart soaps with Antiseptic + Moisturising + Ayurvedic properties, are made with natural ingredients without any harmful chemicals.

  • Harsh on germs but soft on the skin -

    Since Ayurvedic soaps are a mix of nourishing oils and ingredients, they provide moisturisation along with germ-killing protection. Containing the essence of all-natural ingredients, an Ayurvedic soap like BoroPlus provides the anti-bacterial benefit of killing germs and viruses, while being gentle on the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated.

  • Things natural ingredients can do to your skin -

    Anti-bacterial, rich in antioxidants, soft on the skin, reduction in blemishes and skin irritations are the benefits of having the Ayurvedic soaps with Neem, Tulsi and Aloe Vera or with Neem, Eucalyptus and Honey. The combination of these ingredients in the BoroPlus 3in1 Smart Soap helps in retaining the skin’s moisture due to ingredients like Aloe Vera and Honey while killing the germs with its anti-bacterial properties.

  • Prove to Be Cost-effective in the Long Run –

    Chemical-based soaps tend to cost more than natural ones because of the added fragrances, colourants, preservatives, etc. Since Ayurvedic soaps are all-natural and do not have any excess additives, they tend to be more cost-effective. Additionally, Ayurvedic soaps can be used by the entire family and tend to last long as well. Thus, making them affordable and worth their price in the long run.

    Even though regular soaps provide the benefit of cleanliness, Ayurvedic soaps are much more effective in making you feel fresh, clean, and moisturized. So, give your skin the best of softness and safety with BoroPlus 3in1 Smart Soap, with the combination of Antiseptic + Moisturizing + Ayurvedic properties.

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