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  • Aug 10, 2021
  • Written By: BoroPlus
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Think of the last time you washed your hands - When was it? - A short while ago, an hour back? maybe more? And how did you do it? Let’s be honest, if you’re like most of us, it was a quick rinse and a wipe on the washbasin towel. But our hands encounter millions of viruses and germs daily, every time we step out of the house. Believe it or not, properly washing our hands is the single most effective defense mechanism we have at our disposal! That means proper soaping, lathering, and scrubbing for at least 20 seconds. Your hands might look clean enough, but if only you could look at them under a microscope, you’d be able to see the viruses and germs that your eyes cannot see. So, does that mean, you should refrain from touching anything and stay curled up on the bed? Of course not! Human beings encounter about 60,000 different types of germs every day, 1-2% of them are potentially dangerous to someone with a working immune system. But even those 1-2% germs are enough to leave you with a massive risk of catching an infection! Fortunately, it can be avoided if you make sure to properly wash your hands a couple of times during the day. Let’s look at 5 such instances during the day when washing your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds is a good idea: Between touching laptops/phones and eating food Picture this: You’re tapping away on your laptop and get a call on your phone, the food delivery person is asking you for directions. You give them the directions, put down the phone and grab the packet of chips to munch on while you wait for your food to arrive. Stop! Did you wash your hands? Electronic devices such as laptops and phones can harbour millions of germs and viruses, and we repeatedly touch them throughout the day. So, it is always a good practice to wash your hands after using them, especially when you are about to eat something right after. After touching your wallet/purse and cards/money Someone rings the doorbell. You know it’s the grocery delivery because they just called you from downstairs. You grab your wallet on the way to the door and check for cash or cards. You open the door and hand over the money, taking your delivery bags. You then proceed to sanitize the bags but see your favourite snack popping out of the bag. You reach for it, tempted to grab a bite. Stop! You just touched your wallet and maybe the money too. Did you wash your hands? Our wallets, purses and currency notes are a magnet for germs and viruses. Think of all the places your wallet has been, or the money would have been. Nasty right? So, before you eat your favourite snack, remember to go wash your hands! Between disposing of the food delivery packaging and digging into your food You just got your food delivered, you carefully sanitize everything, plate out your food, and dispose of the packaging. You are about to dig into your food. Stop! Did you wash your hands? Yes. Even after you sanitize the packaging and unpack your food, it is advisable to wash your hands because you just touched an object that could have been exposed to viruses and germs and has probably touched by multiple hands. 20 seconds is all it takes before you can enjoy your food, so why take the risk? After touching switchboards or doorknobs Most of the time we’re awake, is spent inside our houses with extremely low outdoor time. We move from one room to another, touching switchboards and doorknobs in between, often. Do you remember touching your face or biting your nail after that? Most probably not, right? Well, the germs on your hands do. And how to avoid that? You guessed it right- wash your hands! After petting animals Imagine you went to your neighbour's house to ask for something. Their adorable dog turns up at the door and unable to resist that cute face, you pat him on the head. You get back home and are about to resume work. Stop! Did you wash your hands? You may be thinking - it was only a pat and he's a house pet. He must be clean, right? Well, he could be, but animals, whether strays or pets can still harbor a lot of germs, which may lead to the development of zoonotic diseases (diseases that spread from animals to humans). These diseases are highly contagious and your best defence against them is to just wash your hands. So, keep the love intact but also keep yourselves safe, in just 20 seconds! Germ transmission is easier and faster than you think. A simple touch on the nose, a careless rubbing of the eye, and germs and viruses enter your system. Your best bet is to break this very chain of infection by properly washing your hands, whenever you suspect that contact with germs and viruses may have taken place. But then, frequently washing your hands can get drying too, isn’t it? We have just the solution for you - BoroPlus Hand Washes. An antiseptic ayurvedic hand wash like BoroPlus does more than just kill germs. It kills viruses and 99.9% germs but also has a moisturizing formulation, so your hands don’t feel dry even after repeated usage. What’s more, they are also available in two variants- Neem, Green Tea & Aloe Vera; and the other with Neem, Eucalyptus & Honey! While the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Neem, Eucalyptus and Green Tea eliminate viruses and germs, Aloe Vera and Honey act as moisturizing agents and prevent your hands from feeling dry, even with repeated usage. So, the next time you are shopping for hand wash, you know the only one that fights germs but doesn’t leave your skin out to dry- Boroplus Hand wash!

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