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5 ways to look and feel young

  • Jan 25, 2016
  • Written By: Akruti Sarka
  • Blog Reads: 4659

It is a given fact that with time you’ll grow and age older. But then there is magic, illusion and science that can change the whole reality of yours from transforming you into saggy old to hello beautiful, whether stretching it for 10 years or a few. At least, it works. That’s the heavenly truth, isn’t it?I have just the right tips and tricks and know how it wins war with time. There are many natural to artificial ways to achieve this goal and I have flexible remedy for everyone, don’t worry pretty.Be tension-free, that’s the first. Read on more and try out yourself to replenish into the youthful younger you again:

1. Hey Grey, Stay Away

Cover up your greys! Yes! Hide it, conceal it with dying. Let no one watch your shiny silver hair. You can use herbal (ammonia-free) or chemical products to get back to what you originally had before. Hair dying companies offer colossal lists of different kinds of hair colour shades, so finding the similar tone colour of yours shouldn’t be a problem. Having it matched with what you previous had, creates an impression of how you looked before, retaining you back to your younger days appearance.


2. Rituals: Cleanse and moisturize

Cleanser and moisturizer are mandate for each girl who desires for a clearer glowing face. It helps to protect the skin and promotes keeping it healthy. Any mild cleanser will do but avoid soap at any given situation as it leaves your skin dry afterwards, leading to the beginning of damage. Moisturizer is a must for restoring supple-ness to skin, it brings huge effect on skin texture by leaving itsoft all day. Boro plus is one moisturizer that has the goodness of almond and milk cream that quickly blends in the skin, best suitable for all skin.


3. Dress bright, babe

To look younger, you need to acquire the looks of a younger-gen. But with looking younger one does not need to change her personality or wear something trendy but exposing. It still should speak you, with your dressing. Hold on dear, there is though other way of making you look brighter and younger – Pick vibrant colours! Keep your style as it is but just twirl in beautiful brighter colours.


4. Keep an eye on your weight

"Keep exercising, for healthy body and skin". We keep listening to the same old thing back to back again but that’s the reality. No pain, no gain. You work your breathe out and you will succeed with a healthier wholesome you. Be it your body, mind or skin. However, there's a secret that celebs use that I’d like to share, which would want you to impel exercising more rigorously now. Here it goes, maintain the same weight at all times. That's the trick. Just stick to it no matter how many years go by, sustaining is the key.


5. Attitude, game changer

When it comes to looking and feeling younger it’s never just physical,by internally or outwardly. It is psychologically even. If you stay sad, stressed or depressed people would tend to judge you assuming older and if you would like to avoid that (their wrong guesses) change the game; your attitude my lovelies, just smile and focus on keeping yourself happy. An attitude of being not only positive but to be joyous and cheerful every moment and then, see your world change.


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