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7 Diet Habits for Healthy Skin

  • Jan 21, 2016
  • Written By: Hemali Nair
  • Blog Reads: 4585

Every girl wishes to have a healthy and radiant skin. Even me. Besides following a good skin care routine, I was looking for healthy diet habits that can make my skin glow from within. When I bumped into the below-mentioned diet habits I was certain of getting the perfect skin glow that I always desired.

1. Cut out the sugar:


Sugar can be addictive, but consuming less can keep you on the healthier side. Natural sugars such as honey and agave syrup have a high amount of fructose and should be completely avoided. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame contain harmful chemicals that are known for causing obesity and diabetes and should be avoided as well.

2. Eat more healthy fat:


According to studies, eating fatty food can make your skin elastic and reduce the number of wrinkles. By including monounsaturated fats like olive oil and avocado can bring about a major change to your skin in the long run.

3. Greatly reduce your grain and starch intake:


People are often under the misconception that whole grains can be very healthy for you and your skin. However, little do people know that whole grains contain long chains of starches and carbohydrates molecules that are rich in sugar and are known to cause your skin and body to age prematurely.

4. Eat lots of vegetables:


Consuming vegetables regularly can supply your body with fibre and antioxidants. Do make sure to cut down on starchy vegetables as they bring about a drastic change to your blood sugar level. Eating a good amount of berries can be a good idea as they are low in sugar and high in antioxidants.

5. Don't forget your daily protein:


Proteins play an important role in our body as they are the building blocks of our body. With less capacity to store protein, it is vital to supply the body with adequate amounts regularly.

6. Spice up your life:


When it comes to skin, herbs and spices can be very useful to enhance your skin's health. Adding rosemary, garlic and cinnamon to your foods can not only enhance the flavour but also contain bioactive substances that can boost the overall health of your skin.

Besides eating healthy, following a basic skin-care routine can take you a long way to get beautiful and radiant skin.Take a look at some simple steps that gave me smoother, softer and clearer skin in a short period of time.


• Wear sunblock 365 days of the year:

People often fail to realize that their skin is susceptible to sun damage and can be prevented by using a good sunscreen.

• Lightly exfoliate regularly:

Exfoliating your skin will ensure that you maintain a gorgeous complexion. Using a good exfoliating agent can minimize wrinkles, dry spots and leave you with glowing skin.

• Moisturize your skin:


Applying a good moisturizer that contains only natural ingredients will help keep your skin, soft, supple and healthy. I highly recommend BoroPlus that can leave your skin with a beautiful glow.

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