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7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Vacations

  • Mar 29, 2016
  • Written By: Hemali Nair
  • Blog Reads: 9359

Vacations can be fun, especially for mothers and children as they get a chance to take a break and soak in the beautiful weather. However, this excitement of getting rid of your daily chores can quickly turn to boredom if you have no plans.

As I didn’t intend to spend my vacations watching television indoors, I decided to make it exciting and adventurous. So I came up with a list of things to do with my friends that I am sharing with you below. Have a look and make your vacations fun and memorable.

1. Explore: Vacations give me the opportunity to do what I wished and wasn’t possible during my school days. So, I often take my bicycle and go for a long ride. I wander around beaches and explore new routes around my neighbourhood with my friends.


2. Camping: Camping with your family or friends will be fun and exciting. You not only re-connect with nature but also get rid of the unwanted stress.With this outdoor activity, do protect your skin from dry weather by using a good moisturizer. I personally use BoroPlus moisturizing lotion that helps keep my skin soft, smooth and supple.


3. Join classes: During my vacations, I also make sure that I indulge in different hobbies and interests. Be it painting, sketching, dancing, swimming or language classes, I make the most of every day that will definitely help me lead an active life.


4. Visit places: Time often flies when you're having fun on a holiday, right? Exploring new places helped me learn about new cultures and people. On the overall, it's not just new experiences found on the road, but what you bring back.


5. Gardening: Gardening means different things to different people. And for nature lovers like me, gardening can be truly therapeutic and fun. You can transform your backyard by planting some colourful plants or dedicate time to keep your garden in good shape.


6. Cooking: To ace at cooking mouth-watering dishes, all you need to do is practice and try new things. With plenty of time in hand, I could learn various new dishes. This also made my mother happy as she got an extra helping hand in the kitchen.


So ensure you keep the above things in mind and make the most of your vacations.

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