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A Day in the Life of a Working Woman

  • Mar 05, 2016
  • Written By: Prajakta Patil
  • Blog Reads: 8338

Trrrrring!!! The day begins with a screeching sound and I wake up with a start. As if the horror movie “Increment Impossible” playing in my nightmare wasn’t enough. I head to the bathroom for a quick shower. Throw on the first pair of clothes I find. Gobble whatever is there on my dining table and head to the station to catch my 8:45 train.

That’s how my mornings usually begin. Once I’m at office its nothing but a relay of submissions, brainstorms, meetings and deadlines.

Sometimes in my tea-break I wonder about the time when I was in college, bunking lectures, going for movies, shopping and just chilling out with my friends was so much fun. When you are a professional bound by responsibilities taking time out for yourself seems almost impossible.

One day on my way back to work I saw a Women’s Day pre-celebration hoarding that read, “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” And that was actually an eye opener for me.

I decided that no matter what it takes. I will put myself before my work. I will do what I love. I sat with my diary and made a list of things I should do and wanted to do.

They were:-

• Learn a new language

• Get a pet

• Visit a Jacuzzi Spa

• Pajama party with my girl friends

• Party all night

• Shopping

• Walk on the beach

• Write poetry

• Develop a new skin ritual

• Eat healthy

• Travel more

Since Women’s Day is around the corner I decided to fulfill these wishes one by one and make myself happy. You too should do too. It feels awesome.

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