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A Little Something for my Best Friend

  • Mar 04, 2016
  • Written By: Hemali Nair
  • Blog Reads: 4957

Each one of us has a dear friend, a best friend who stands by us through thick and thin. Most of the times our paths change as life goes on, but the bond between friends remains forever. During my school days, I happened to know this shy and quiet girl who over the years became my best friend.

Today, we both have jobs and work in different cities, but nothing comes between us. Like sisters, we always find time to update each other about the happenings of our lives.

But the one thing that we do not share with each other is our family. How I wish we did!

I happen to live with my parents but my friend’s family lives in Manipal. She stays in Mumbai in a rented apartment with 4 roommates somewhere in Andheri. As she lives alone, there are a number of roles that she has to carry out.

Doing all the daily household chores like sweeping and mopping before she leaves for work, making her dabba, running to work, preparing dinner once she is back, filling up food supplies, doing the dishes, washing clothes and the list goes on.

What she doesn’t realize is that all this is actually taking a toll on her skin and health.

I remember Vidhi was a girl who had the skin that could make Asian models jealous. Soft, supple bright and radiant. She had hair like jasmine from Aladdin.

I hate to see what this tough life has done to her. Her bright skin appears to be dull and dehydrated. All that work stress is giving her hairfall.

I could take no more. I had to do something to fix this.

This Women’s Day I planned to send her something special. A magic kit. A kit -that would obviously not replace my presence but surely make her life easy.

I will give you a sneak-peak into it, who knows it might just inspire you enough to make your friend’s day special?

The contents of Vidhi’s hamper:

The hamper will include a few products that I swear by with my handwritten notes of friendship and care.

A moisturizing lotion by BoroPlus with a note that reads, “I will not let your beautiful face dry of ever”, a lip balm with a note that reads, “I will restore the spark of your million dollar smile, a herbal hair fall rescue oil with a note that reads, “I will nourish your hair, just like amma did.

It also will have a few kitchen tools, a cook book and a few ready to add sauces that will make her life easy and help her save up on some time. I will also add a DVD of her favourite fitness guru and a few meditation music cd’s that will help her distress. I really hope and know that she likes it.

That’s about it. This is how I plan to make the most out of Women’s Day. By adding a little joy to my best friend’s life. You too shouldn’t stop. Get inventive and creative and make this Women’s

Day count!

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