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Don't lose yourself in Marriage, have some me time!

  • Jan 29, 2016
  • Written By: Akruti Sarka
  • Blog Reads: 4508

When you are a housewife, life is tough! And when you are a working woman it’s even tougher! I know because I’m on the same journey as you. I can understand your feeling. Your day begins even before the sun is up and it just refuses to end. Yet do it all with a smile, even though you’re hiding your exhaustion inside.

What you not realize is that in all this hustle and bustle “you” are lost somewhere. Hence, Ï thought about bringing a change in your lives. With these easy time-saving tips and a little help from your loved ones you will actually realize the amount of time you save and how you can you put it to use for yourself.

1. Taking turns:

The best kind of help is the help at home. Talk it out with your spouse, tell him that if you two share duties life would be much more simplified. For eg: He can get up a little early and drop the children at school or do the laundry at night.Or make lunch one day.

How can you put that time to use:

You can take this time off and actually indulge into some yoga. Soon you’ll realize that you have a positive approach towards the day, your blood flow will increase, you’ll feel energetic and rejuvenated, and will feel a drastic improvement in your immunity.


2. Gadgets to the rescue:

If you are a working woman cooking for your family yet making it in time to work is tedious. Buying new-and-improved kitchenware like food processors and roti makers can actually take that load off you. Plus save you a good one hour or two.

How can you put that time to use:

In that time you can actually read up about something you like, make yourself a good cup of coffee or just relax in your bedroom with a face mask on. If you opt for the last option, don’t forget to moisturize your face after with a good moisturizer. I highly recommend Boro Plus.


3. Save on resources:

Every housewife finds it hard to prepare meals according to everyone’s personal likings. Preparing such dishes requires more time, energy and resources. Finding dishes that are healthy and loved by your husband, kids and other members of the family can make your life in the kitchen stress-free and save a lot of time.

How can you put that time to use:

Use the time you saved to catch up with your old friends. It will bring bag old memories and you will feel light inside.


4. Put kids to work:

As a housewife, you would be busy tending to the house fulfilling all your duties. Cooking, washing, getting dinner ready, taking care of your kids and the list goes on. But with time, things should change. Why not ask the kids to lend a hand. Taking help from them to set up the dinner table or wipe the plateswill not only help you but make them more responsible too.

How can you put that time to use:

Meditation is the first step to a happy and calm life. Take that time off and listen to some meditation music. This will see a drastic improvement in your mood and behavior.


5. Shop online:

As a working mother, I would often struggle to find time to catch up on my favorite serial. When I learnt that it is possible to buy grocery and other day-to-day requirements online, I decided to stop invading outdoors. I could stay home and avoid the traffic, bad weather as well as the pollution that would take a toll on my skin. You can do it too!

How can you put that time to use:

Catch up on your favorite show!


Always remember, you are the pillar of your family. You have to be happy for them to be happier!

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