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Here's why winter jackets are for all!

  • Dec 23, 2015
  • Written By: Pooja Sharma
  • Blog Reads: 5322

Weather forecast: Precipitation- 5%, Humidity-10%, Style- 100%

Dressing up for cold conditions clearly calls in for some hot fashion. Wearing a stylish winter jacket during the winter chills can make you look hot. For years, jackets have been an integral part of my wardrobe. They can be paired with anything and never go out of fashion. Are you looking to know what my secret to owning the right one? Read on.

#WinterEssential 1- A dashing leather jacket


“I don't need a leather jacket.” - Said no woman ever! A good leather jacket serves as a great layering piece and can be worn two out of the three seasons of the year. It is good enough to add a stylish edge to any outfit. Whether it is a bomber, grunge or cognac, it can suit all kinds of body types.

#WinterEssential 2 -A classic trench coat


A smart trench coat can be worn on casual as well as formal events. It can keep you warm and save you from the harsh weather. If you are women with a tiny waist, this outfit can work in your favour.

#WinterEssential 3-The poised Puffer Coat

If you are looking for a comfortable winter piece that provides padding. A Puffer Coat can be an ideal choice. In case, if you happen to be sleeker, the jacket can certainly make you look better.


#WinterEssential 4-A knitted woollen jacket

There are no laws to own a snug woolly jacket. You can choose from the wide variety of shades, styles and body types from numerous providers.


#WinterEssential 5-The Chic Cape Coat

In case if you are looking for something different a cape coat can be a vital choice. The minimalist design wear can provide the wearer with a vintage vibe. Wearing it with a pair of tight pants can deliver a sophisticated look.


Once you choose the right jacket, make sure you match it with the best moisturiser. Opting for products like BoroPlus can be a good choice. Their antiseptic cream & range of moisturising lotions can provide with a variety of solutions for all your winter worries.

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