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How to get acne free skin

  • Jan 29, 2016
  • Written By: Tanvi Patel
  • Blog Reads: 19038

Getting a pimple on your face out of now here is not a shock anymore. We are past that. What we aren’t yet, is how to get rid of it at the earliest without leaving a scar. So, when it’s a natural problem, only a natural remedy can help turn the table. It’s law of nature. Pimple pops out due to various certain reasons, one of few is pollution which is increasing day by day. Global warming is a real thing and affecting us, even our skin. Be a friend to your skin, avoid harsh chemical-products; use herbal or herbal-alike product like Boro plus Advanced moisturizer, which is my personal ever-rescuer. Take care of your skin now and it’ll accelerate radiance on your face later; blessing you with a long-lasting youthful and beautiful skin ever after. It’s a myth if you think your skin wasalways dry, ‘cause that’s not true. It’s just that you let your skin got affected early which lost its supple soon and now you need to do something about it to regain back your baby-like skin. High alert, gorgeous-skin-wannabes. Here are few pointers:

1. Curd/Yogurt: We don't need beauty spas or parlour treatment for that white glow when we can get it in a cost-effective way, at home. Yogurt it is. It contains lactic acid which is highly successful for restoring smoothness to the skin and helps fight acne and pimples. It controls and restricts premature aging too. Amazing, right?


2. Egg white: Who knew that egg white combats acne and pimples in a generous amount, ingredients like proteins and vitamins are loaded; that rebuilds the skin cells. Applying egg whites to your face, will soak up all thatextra oil and yes, I mean excess sebum which clogs pores and bums out a pimple.


3. Papaya: Papaya is an excellent fruit used for acne-prone skin. Why do I say that? Because of papain, an exfoliation agent in it that has sufficient protein dissolving enzyme which helps breaks down the surface of dead skin cells and reduces inflamed, red swollen spots. One fruit you need to buy at all times, if you want to keep pimples at bay.


4. Oranges: The natural astringent that brightens up your skin texture effortlessly, is orange yes! Vitamin C and ascorbic acid are potent cures for acne and pimple treatment. Don’t toss away the peels, use it to extract the dirt out from the pores; it cleanses and exfoliates deeply. Tone your skin with no side-effects and no worries, beauts.


5. Aloe: A good disinfectant that controls the infection of acne and also curbs from further spreading it. Aloe vera that carries saponin, is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and also anti-inflammatory. I am in love with this magic plant as it gives cooling effect to my irritated skin and altogether, heals the affected-acne significantly.


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