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How To Get Younger Looking Skin Through Exercise?

  • Feb 25, 2016
  • Written By: Malvika Sawant
  • Blog Reads: 4336

Are you reaching an age that’s making you anxious about your looks? Every woman passes through such a phase, I did too; fortunately I found a trick through which I could reverse the clock and look youthful again. That trick is exercising; it helps make my skin look radiant, it infuses self-confidence, increases stature, lessens anxiety and stress, betters immunity and detoxifiesthe body. I want every woman out there to feel just as confident as me, which is why I am sharing a few exercises that will help you get younger looking skin:

1. Squat: When it comes to exercises that help me tone my lower body, nothing is better than squats.It’s a multi-beneficial move that improves balance and coordination of the whole body. Squat shave considerably boosted my endurance and 15-20 reps, twice or thrice a week helped me get really toned hips and also made my skin look firm.


2. Plank: It is said that, the most difficult job often delivers the best result success. That is completely true when it comes to the plank exercise.This exercise has helped tone my back and abs, something that I desperately needed. Initially, you’ll only be able to sustain for 15-30 seconds at most, but gradually you’ll be able to make it a minute. Get ready to rock your crop tops and backless dresses once you’ve mastered this exercise.


3. Jumping ropes: I LOVE my legs! I cannot stress enough, how much I love them. So if you desire sexy and toned legs, then grab a skipping rope and get skipping.When I added this exercise to my routine I started off with 30 skips and then increased over time.Skipping increases blood flow throughout the body and considerably makes my skin look fresh and radiant. If you find the other exercises too much, at least make it a point to try skipping.


4. Facial cheek exercise: I realised that simply exercising would not help the skin on my face, it needed that extra care and pampering.To make sure my face looks just as youthful as the rest of my body, I press my cheeks with my first three fingers starting from the index finger in a circulation motion for about 3 minutes a day. While doing so, make sure you clean your hands first. You could also use a moisturizing lotion like BoroPlus while doing this.


I know that when it comes to my looks, I’m just like every other woman who wants to look her best. So if you think there are some exercises that I could try out that would make my skin look youthful and radiant, do let me know in the comments below.After all, only a woman knows what a woman needs.

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