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If you are reading this, denims are for you!

  • Dec 24, 2015
  • Written By: Grishma Dalmia
  • Blog Reads: 5442

When I say I love denims, I mean it. When I say I can wear them all throughout the year, anywhere and everywhere, you need to trust me.They have so many styles withso many ways to wear them that I have ended up mixing and matching and come up with many amazing combinations. So in case you’ve managed to shy away from them so far I’ve got you a guide of denims to help you look greatno matter what your age.

Ripped jeans:

Perfect for when I’m casually hanging out with my friends, ripped jeans give me that rugged and rebel look that was perfect for me when I was younger. Even though I sometimes have second thought about wearing them, it shouldn’t stop you from trying them on.


Boot cut jeans:

A perfect choice if you love boots. As the name suggests these are wider at the ankles allowing you to just slide into them and onto your boots with ease. These look great on all body types but specifically those of us who have wider hips.


Skinny jeans:

Skinny jeans as the name suggests typically suit women with a slender figure. And if you have legs that go for miles, you have to try these! But beware, they don’t always suit women with wider hips unless you know how to carry them well.


Flare leg jeans:

A variation of the classic boot cut jeans, these jeans look fantastic if you have broad shoulders and narrow hips. The shape of the jeans compliments such body types and will be your new favourite type of jeans if they fit you well.


Straight leg jeans:

If you aren’t sure what jeans style to start with, these are a perfect starting point. They go well with any and every body type. You’ll love them just like how most of my friends and I love them.


Fit jeans:

The name says it all, they will fit you to the ‘T’. I love these simply because they hug my legs and help me show off my curves.What better reason could there be to wear one of these.


Slim fit jeans:

These jeans are all about enhancing your legs. They hug your leg, accentuating your curves andif you don’t mind showing them off, you know what to wear.


Loose fit jeans:

Every now and then I feel the need to take it easy and loosen up. That is where my beloved loose fit jeans come in. They are in the literal sense of the words loose and are meant for those days when function comes before fashion. If you are a housewife like me, these will definitely be one of your favourite styles.


Stretch jeans:

These jeans are perfect to hide those tiny flaws that annoy us all and give your legs a toned and perfect look.These might just become your favourite jeans to wear when going out with friends or the family.


Rise jeans:

When it comes to rise jeans they have four levels. High rise, regular rise, low rise and super low rise. The high and low rise jeans are common among the youth and there aren’t many of us who might be willing to wear them. But what’s there in trying.


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