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Lifestyle changes to keep you cool when it gets hot

  • Mar 15, 2016
  • Written By: Tanvi Patel
  • Blog Reads: 9227

Summers bring in warmth and good times, however, there are a number of lifestyle changes that can ruin these happy moments. With longer days, you might want to stay out more, but prolonged exposure to high temperatures can cause more harm than good.


I remember the time when I suffered from heat exhaustion and never thought of going on vacations during summers. But my mom came up with some ideas that helped me overcome heat issues allowing me to do what I liked the most.By making minor tweaks in my lifestyle, I could avoid heat exhaustion, cramps and strokes and make the most of the summer.

If you too want to make the most too, read on to learn how you can prevent sun damage:

1. Wear light-coloured clothes: If you have to go outside, then wear light-coloured, light-weighted and loose-fitted clothes. Choose the shades of white, asthey look cooler and keep your body temperature low by reflecting heat. I avoid dark colours, especially black as this colour absorbs the heat from the sun and makes me feel hot.


2. Change your talcum powder: During summer, keep your regular powder aside and use an alternative that offers a cooling effect that leaves you smelling fresh. Doing so helped me stay cool. Besides, I also did not have to deal with any kind of stickiness.


3. Avoid afternoon outings: Go wherever your heart takes you, except when the sun is overhead. The chances of feeling giddy are higher during these hours and hence, I avoid outings when the sun- rays are harsh.


4. Constantly hydrate: Since childhood, my mother always told me to drink a lot of water and today, I am glad to have listened to her then. I would also advise you guys to consume energy drinks that can provide electrolytes, minerals and glucose that will keep you running for longer.


5. Eat lighter food: Eating fruits during summer will not only help you quench your thirst but also provide you with nutrients. Fruits have approximately 80-90% water, natural sugars can give you healthy and radiant looking skin. I recommend having peaches and plums, pineapples and watermelon as they do wonders.


6. Apply sunscreen and moisturizer: Besides water and fruits, using a good moisturizer will help you keep your skin soft, supple and smooth. I recommend using BoroPlus moisturizing lotion, as it moisturises and protects the skin from within leaving a glowing skin.


Following the above tips before heading out in the sun really helped me deal with summer problems. I request you to share the above tips with your friend that can help them beat the heat too.

Have a beautiful summer!

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