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Music; making workouts fun since forever!

  • Dec 25, 2015
  • Written By: Prajakta Patil
  • Blog Reads: 4542

I love working out. It keeps me fit, healthy and keeps my skin glowing and radiant. But it sure isn’t easy and we all need a little bit of push every day to get us going. Even while at the gym, you need some good music to get you in the mood to work out right. A good workout track list is an essential part of your equipment just like your shoes and tracksuit. So in case you don’t have a list of songs that get your head in the game, I’m sharing my list with you.

Eye of the Tiger– Survivor

I love starting my workouts with something that gets me all ready to sweat it out. And no song can do it better than ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor. This track always manages to get me in the mood to work out and I simply can’t imagine workouts without this in my list.


Lose Yourself – Eminem

Next on my list is by the great Eminem. Whether you’re running the treadmill or pulling weights;with a slow pace, just the right beats and great lyrics, this song fits perfectly in my tracklist and will in yours too.


Back in Black – AC/DC

While working out, it is beats that help you pull off another rep and keep you in the workout mood. And Back in Black by AC/DC sure gets those beats right and gets your blood pumping wanting to work out some more.


Till I Collapse – Eminem

These is just something about Eminem’s songs. His music, the way it plays out, the lyrics, everything. The way the beats hit you make you want to keep pushing yourself to the limit and beyond. Just don’t do exactly what the title says.


Gonna Fly Now – (Rocky 1 Theme) – Bill Conti

Oh Rocky you sure know how to get me working out. This song is all about that struggle to break free from the ordinary and do something seriously great. Although I may not achieve the type of greatness that Rocky did, the theme sure gets me in the mood to workout harder and will surely help you too.


You shook me all night long – AC/DC

This one is a good tune for those free workouts without weights. It’s just the right pace to keep you moving your body and break a sweat. Not to mention it has a great tune.


Fight fire with fire– Metallica

A slow start followed by a rocking track, ‘Fight Fire with Fire’ is one of those songs that will help you conjure out energy that you didn’t even know you had and help you make it through those gruelling workouts.


No Matter What – T.I.

I simply love this song. It just finds a way to get me all pumped up while working out. The best part about the song is that the beats and pace of the song are just right for someone like me who loves to take it easy while working out.


It’s a long way to the top – AC/DC

When you know that the next string of workouts are going to be a tough one, make sure you put on this song.It has everything you need to get you through the rough parts of the workout.


Monster – Skillet

Opening with pure metal strumming, this song will definitely bring out the beast within you, helping you power through your workout while also being a good addition to your list.


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