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Musings of a Newlywed Woman

  • Mar 07, 2016
  • Written By: Malvika Sawant
  • Blog Reads: 5235

Being a newlywed all I focus on throughout the day is my husband and home especially after I quit my job a few months before my marriage. I had realised that I needed some time off from the corporate culture and needed to spend time at home. And although I have plans to get back to work, for now I want to focus on this new aspect of my life, my husband and our new home.

Right from getting matching lamp shades to a Home Theatre system, since we are newlyweds these little things matter and we both are doing our best to make our new life together amazing. After all it is what we had planned for so many years while we were still in college in the initial years of our relationship.

My other married friends who are still working in the IT sector, keep telling me how I’m missing out on a lot and criticise my decision of quitting my job. But honestly, I don’t believe that. I have always wanted my own home, which I could adorn and take care of. I’ve worked for over 8 years and I needed a break from that corporate rat race. And now that I’m married I have embraced this way of life and I’m loving it. I have started my own blog and learn to cook a new dish every day.

So this Women’s Day,I urge all those women who have quit their jobs after their marriage, to rejoice this decision which you have taken for yourself. Being a housewife has perks of its own and always remember the decision is yours to make. Here’s wishing you a Happy Women’s Day in advance.

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