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My Complete Pre-Wedding Beauty Regime

  • Jan 15, 2016
  • Written By: Malvika Sawant
  • Blog Reads: 5690

Your wedding day is approaching fast. No sooner do you realize that the pages on your calendar are flipping faster than they should. Or the hands of your clock running at ramming speed. And suddenly you realize that the big day is just 2 weeks from now. What do you do then? How will everything be perfect? How will you be perfect? These questions start shelling your mind and cause stress.

If you too are just like me and are too dicey about parlour treatments my 15 day beauty regime will make sure that you are nothing less than perfect on your big day!

Just follow this step-by-step routine and breathe!

Day 12

Hair: Smooth, silky princess-like hair is the sign of a happy bride. A homemade remedy of pumpkin and honey can help you achieve that. Simply add one 1-2 tablespoon of honey to a cup of pumpkin puree and apply on your hair and scalp. Rinse after 15 minutes. Doing so will supply an abundance of vitamin A, C, potassium, zinc and other vital nutrients. And your hair will be as luscious as Rupanzel's.


Day 11

Concentrate on your skin: Tone your face using an egg and some gram flour, it will leave you with a glow like never before.


Day 10

Eyes: Eyes speak more than words and on your wedding day, who wouldn’t want eyes like sunrise? Get rid of inflammation, puffiness, swelling and irritation with just a slice of cucumber. Dedicate this day to just your eyes.



Day 9

Lips: No matter what you do, on your wedding day people will pay attention to your lips. As they complement your smile, there is no way it can be avoided. A small amount of ghee mixed with a pinch of salt can help in healing and moisturising chapped lips. Practice this ritual as many times as you can in a day.


Day 8

Body: Once in these 15 days, go for a detox diet. Switch to only liquids and get cleanse your system from within.


Day 7

Relax: Relaxing and cutting yourself completely from pre-wedding preparations can help you distress. You can do this by going for walk or simply listening to music. Dedicate this day only to yourself; all you have to do is do things you love, have some ‘me’ time!


Day 6

Massage: Just indulge in massages! Massaging your body can be a great stress buster and provide your skin with an ideal glow. Let day 8 be all about relaxation.


Day 5

Neck and Decollete: Wedding dresses are one of a kind and usually show off your skin, especially the neck and the decollete region. This area is fragile and has limited oil glands than the rest of your body and require special attention. Exfoliating it with a good scrub followed by a moisturizer, (I highly recommend the BoroPlus Cocoa soft lotion) will help you get rid of discolouration and tan.


Day 4

Feet and toe nails: Your feet can take a toll, but not before your wedding. It’s time to give them some love. Dedicate this day to your feet only. Dip them in salt water and scrape off any dead skin with a pumice stone or scrubbing brush. Pat dry with a towel and leave them to moisturize by applying a good quality moisturizer like Boro Plus.


Day 3

Waxing: Getting rid of unwanted body hair can provide an instant glow and leave your skin feeling soft. Do remember to moisten your body hair with lukewarm water and once the job is done use a moisturizer to soothe the redness, bruising and swelling.


Day 2

No makeup: On this day make sure you get plenty of rest and good sleep. Avoid wearing any kind of makeup as it will give your skin much needed rest and space to breathe. Don’t forget to wash your hair and try to control your excitement before going to bed.


Day 1

Get things in order: With the wedding day fast approaching, misplacing your dress or other accessories for the D-day can leave you worried. So make sure you get everything you need in order to prevent last minute hassle.


The D- day: The pre- wedding countdown is finally done and what you’re left with is flawless skin. On this big day you relax, pose for the camera and make memories that you always dreamt of with your prince. But before you head out, let the beauty experts and hair stylists make you look like the princess you are.


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