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My secret to baby soft skin is now yours!

  • Dec 26, 2015
  • Written By: Aakruti Sarkar
  • Blog Reads: 6952

We have all been trying really hard for the softest skin possible. Some ideas have been successful and some absolutely useless. I have some simple ways to get baby soft skin in a natural way!

A good ol’ glass of water –

Make sure to drink lots of water every day. Water helps your skin stay hydrated. Water on the inside makes you healthy inside out!The best way to remember this is to keep a bottle of water in front of you. This way you will remember that you need to finish the bottle.


Some golden raw honey –

Honey acts as an excellent lightning agent and gets rid of acne scars and bumps, leaving your skin supple and smooth.Apply once a week for best results.


One ripe papaya to go please! –

Papayas are rich in natural ingredients which act as an excellent healer and a natural toner that helps in reducing spots.Apply mashed papayas on your skin for best results!


Some of grandma’s turmeric –

As a child I used turmeric to heal wounds and now I use it to make my skin soft and bright. It lightens the skin and produces a bright healthy glow that can last for days!


A dash of lemon juice –

Lemon juice has so many medicinal properties that it makes an excellent skin cleanser. It removes dead skin cells that leave our skin feeling smooth and fresh.


A spoonful of condensed coconut oil –

Coconut oil is the key to that elusive smooth blemish free skin. Rub some condensed coconut milk on your skin and massage well.


I hope these methods help you out and you don’t have to rush to the parlour every time you have to go out. These are quick fixes and are quite useful. Don’t forget to moisturize daily with natural& safe products .You may try BoroPlus products as moisturizers after a bath and at night before sleeping to keep the dryness at bay!

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