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Natural Makeup for that Natural Glow

  • Jan 19, 2016
  • Written By: Tanvi Patel
  • Blog Reads: 6013

Do you crave that perfect, seamless skin? Have you ever been jealous of those beautiful Asian celebs whose faces are nothing but spotless? Yes, I know you do because, who doesn’t? It’s ok if you aren’t blessed with one, I’ll help you master the Korean skin secret with the help of minimal makeup and some natural secrets! Read on to know what they are!

1. The initial, the essential

If you love your skin and want it glowing, do these two simple steps religiously: removing your makeup after you’re done for the day with cleansing milk and washing your face at night before sleeping. Followed by a moisturizing routine that will help you restore life back into your skin and help your skin breathe while you are asleep. I highly recommend the BoroPlus moisturizer as it is made up of natural ingredients and is not tough on your skin. You can also try its nourishing Cocoa variant- the safest bet for your skin.
The first step to any makeup should begin with moisturizing, followed by a primer. A primer locks your pores and creates a wall on your face, safeguarding your skin from any kind of harsh make-up products. So always remember girls, moisturizers and primers are a must!

2. Coverage is the queen

What does a makeup do? It covers red spots, pimples, discoloration, scars, should I go on? Guess not. Coverage rules here, girls. One of the biggest reasons why makeup was ever made. The only rule is to cover all those what I mentioned before, even the slightest of it. We can’t go further, unless you take care of this business. Be sure to conceal it well; where it needs the most. Use this weapon with a tact, if your skin is great but still have tiny little spots, then use a tinted moisturizer. If there are many spots or some discoloration that you want to hide, then apply pea-sized layer of foundation all over you face.

3. Glow magic

You wonder how to get that effortless natural glow, through makeup? I reckon and for that, I know the trick. Two words. Shimmer and highlighting. Thank me later, girls. You’re welcome. Now listen up, it’s highly important to take proper control on the brush you apply from and the proportion of shimmer or highlighting colour you choose. A bit high over the balanced scale and you’ll look like glitter itself. Take notes, let it shine the three ways: brow bone, corners of your eyes and along your cheekbones.

4. Colour is life

What is life without colour? To have rosy reddish-pinkish cheeks, you don’t need to hike a mountain. All you need is a blush in a cream based or liquid perhaps, for it to blend in quickly giving you radiant cheeks in no time. Even though black is not a colour, it’ll still rescue you from an “I-just-got-up-from-my-bed” look by a high definition mascara. It does not speak loud, yet it changes your appearances from looking dull and boring. Best pick for makeup, which does not look like makeup. Check.

5. Powder Pamper

Not all girls are blessed with the perfect combination of skin. Some do have an oily edge to it. Thus makeup drains down even if you know you did everything right to keep it intact. But who’s going to stop us anyway from having an ideal skin? Let me slip in a secret for all my lovelies, whenever you feel your makeup is sliding off or if it’s becoming too oily in the middle of the day, just remember to set it right back with light dusting of sheer powder. You are all set to go girl!

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