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Precaution to save your skin and hair this Holi

  • Mar 21, 2016
  • Written By: Prajakta Patil
  • Blog Reads: 10843

Holi, the most colourful festival of the year is just around the corner. I simply enjoy throwing water balloons, playing with water guns, indulging in thandai and smearing vibrant colours all over my family and friends. But with the colours and festivities,my skin gets flaky, damaged and rough. Over the years, I’ve learnt my lesson and want to make sure you have a damage-free celebration. So read on and follow these tips, they will definitely help you protect skin and hair this Holi.

1. Go for natural colours: If you love Holi like I do, I’m sure you’ll still celebrate it, even though you know it damages your skin and hair. To prevent it from getting damaged, I urge my family and friends to use natural colours. You should encourage your family to do the same too.


2. Antiseptic cream coverage: Needless to say, some of your skin will definitely be exposed, like your face, hands, feet and neck. I generally apply an antiseptic as it protects my skin from harmful chemicals. It has done wonders for my skin and I advise you to try BoroPlus Antiseptic cream this Holi which moisturises your skin and provides protection as well.


3. Lip love: I love using a flavoured lip balm, but the simple ones work just fine too. Infact, you may just dab some of BoroPlus Antiseptic Cream on your lips before you apply it on your skin. Lips would stay moisturised and protected.


4. Oil your hair: My hair is naturally dry, to prevent it from getting damaged while I play with colours, I oil my hair to their roots before I head out for the celebrations. Whether you have dry hair or not, oiling your hair will really help keep them strong and minimize the damage caused by the colours.


5. Sunscreen protection: This might come handy if the heat is harsh which can seriously damage skin. I make sure to use a waterproof sunscreen like ones you use in pools. I must say it really keeps my skin from tans.


6. Moisturize after bath: After you’re drenched in water and covered in colour, I suggest you take a good warm bath to soothe your body and follow it up by applying a moisturizing lotion.


Following this skincare routine before heading out to celebrate Holi really helped me protect my skin and hair.I urge you to share these tips with your friends and if you have any tips that will help me and others, feel free to share them in the comments below. Hope you have a beautiful day and a colourful Holi!

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