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Say Goodbye To Dry - Your Ultimate Guide To Seasonal Skincare

  • Feb 27, 2016
  • Written By: Tanvi Patel
  • Blog Reads: 4171

As the climate changes,I too change my wardrobe and eating patterns to safeguard and prevent my body from getting damaged. But my body isn’t the only thing that needs protection, my skin needs it too. Keep reading and you will come across my regime that protects my skin from sudden weather changes.Feel free to try these tips and make sure your skin stays protected throughout the year.

1. Moisturizers: Although we all have different skin,using a moisturizer like BoroPlus is one common solution for us all. My advice: during the summer, use a light moisturizing lotion all over your face and neck to allow the skin to breathe freely.When winter approaches, apply a moisturizer that has a heavier base as chances are your skin will dry more often during this season.


2. Intake of water: The cure for it all. Be it the humidity or unbearable cold, hydrating works wonder for the body.From cleansing your body to removing toxins,it is an assured fact that drinking close to eight glasses of water everyday will definitely make your skin look more radiant. My skin looks much better now, you should try it too.


3. Sunscreen: Even when it’s freezing cold in the winter, I would still advice you to use sunscreen on your face as it creates a barrier against the harmful elements of the dry winter’s heat. Sunscreen comes in varied SPF ranges including some with moisturizing properties. I also recommended you initially start,by applying a moisturizer before layering up with sunscreen.


I can’t stress this enough, but your skin is just as important as the clothes or shoes you wear. The weather is not something you can control, but how it affects and damages your skin is something that you can. Follow my tips or suggest some of your own, either way, I want all of us to have beautiful, radiant and soft skin.

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