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Skin Care to Beat the Heat

  • Mar 30, 2016
  • Written By: Prajakta Patil
  • Blog Reads: 10308

Being a person who loves the outdoors, my skin was prone to damage every time I left the house. But I couldn’t be inside the house the whole time, waiting for the sun to go down. So I came up with a skincare routine that would help me protect my skin no matter where I went when it gets hot. Read on and maybe you might find my tips useful too.

1. Take your umbrella out: The sun can be brutal and you only defence at times will be an umbrella. Although some might find it annoying to carry their umbrella everywhere, it can really protect you from facing the heat head-on.


2. Accessorize to protect: Feel free to be stylish even while fighting the heat. Cover your head with a cute hat and matching sunglasses or even a light scarf.Now I look fabulous no matter how hot it is outside.


3. Wear light clothes: When I say light clothes I mean wear something made of pure cotton that will feel light on your skin while being airy too. Avoid silks at any cost, they just attract trouble and nothing else.


4. Consume nutritious food: Just protecting your body from the outside isn’t enough. Eat a lot of fruits during the summer to keep your body healthy from within. Papayas, watermelons, tomatoes, cucumbers and muskmelons have skin lightening properties that get the glow back in your skin.


If all else fails, I resort to BoroPlus to protect my skin. I want every woman in the country to have access to simple tips that will help us look our best throughout the year and specifically during the months to come. If you have some interesting tips I could use, let me know in the comments and also do tell me which of the above have worked for you before. Hope you have an amazing day and a cool summer.

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