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The Perfect Guide to Glamming It Up At An Indian Wedding

  • Feb 28, 2016
  • Written By: Hemali Nair
  • Blog Reads: 4784

Weddings,weddings; they’re such a blend of anxiety and joy, excitement and nervousness. There is so much to do from checking on the caterers to taking care of your friend’s mom’s jewellery.

I remember my best friend’s wedding, more than she does. I had to run errands, go to the tailor, the sweet shop, the jewellery designer and take care of my dress and her’s: worried about so much at one time. The problem one faces is to find time in all this chaos to look glamorous and lovely and yet sail around at ease without bothering to touch-up your makeup every five minutes.

Here are five tips that really simplified things for me and made me the diva of all wedding albums:

1. Simple is the new sexy: Keep it simple and easy. Don’t go overboard with your outfit or makeup. Avoid those blindingly shiny hues and heavily studded ghagras that all your favourite aunties love. Weddings are a time to dress up but don’t make it an exhibition to display your finesses. Side-step plunging necklines and extra tight fits, I remember when I did that I may have looked amazing for the initial few minutes, but my back was killing me by the end of the celebrations.


2. The ‘Base’ of beauty: Don’t take your compact or make-up base lightly. That doesn’t mean you should choose an extremely heavy foundation base! On the contrary, use a light and waterproof foundation or moisturizer. Your base will decide the endurance of your make-up and the freshness of your look. For a fresher and more natural look, I forget the foundation completely and stick to my Boro Plus moisturizer only.


3. Splash those Colours: Go crazy or bold with the colours, I know I did. For a richer look try metallic shades and for a softer guise choose pastels. My lemony yellow lehenga and the rose pink Anarkali were fun and classy at the same time. Violets, gold and bronze, are shades that are perfect for a wedding. You can also experiment with neon shades but make sure you co-ordinate them correctly.


4. Running Shoes: No,it doesn’t mean sport your Adidas’ or Pumas’ for the wedding (Pun intended!). Wear your gorgeous pumps or scintillating heels but be sure you are comfortable in them. If heels give you blisters go with delicate ballerinas or metallic flats. Personally I believe Satin Pumps, that are easy on your feet are ideal for any or every wedding.


5. Dazzlers: Yes, jewellery. A woman’s best friend. Heavy neck pieces with understated blouses or long danglers with high necked Anarkalis practically scream elegant wedding wear. Don’t overdo your jewellery but always wear some for a wedding.Simple diamond studs with my enormous metal bracelet and the bold stone neck piece on my boat shaped blouse were my combinations for the wedding. They did look gorgeous.


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