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Your Skin’s Best Travel Defence

  • Feb 21, 2016
  • Written By: Prajakta Patil
  • Blog Reads: 3996

I am a working woman who spends the better half of her day in the confines of an AC office building. Between these four walls, I am safe from pollution, the heat and the scorching sun. But getting to this safe house and away from the harsh city out there is the biggest challenge most of us women face. The heat makes our skin dry and the pollution blocks our pores; to sum it up, our skin is damaged before we reach our workplace. So I’ve come out with a few tips that will help working women like me protect our skin from the troubles of travelling.

1. Moisturize: I know how hectic it gets every morning to make sure you don’t get a late mark at office. This first step in defending your skin while you travel is the most crucial of all. Keep all the problems that affect your skin at bay by moisturising it before you leave your home for the day. I use natural products like BoroPlus moisturizing lotion to ensure my skin is safe while I make my way to the office.

2. Mist: For someone who travels an hour to work, I know that I don’t have it as bad as most of the women. Travelling can cramp you up and be painful sometimes. But that shouldn’t stop us from achieving what we set out to be. By the time you reach the office you don’t want your skin to appear oily, dull, papery or lifeless. I tend to spray a non-alcoholic mist on my skin to ensure my skin stays fresh throughout my journey. The mist really helps transform my skin to the way it was when I left home and you should definitely give it a try.

3. Face wipes: One very important point to keep in mind is that you must never wipe off the sweat and dirt from your skin with your bare hands. You might end up damaging your skin, instead make use of moist skin wipes. Besides cooling my skin considerably, the wipes also make sure that my skin gets rid of the dirt that has settled on it. There are other numerous kinds of unknown bacteria that you could pick up accidentally while travelling, which can harm your skin.

4. Face wash: A face wash is one thing you will always find in my handbag. As soon as I reach my office, I ensure that I put a few minutes aside before beginning the day and make it a point to wash my face. There are only so many times that I end up using a wet wipe or a mist. I know for sure that a face wash is a must because I can see and feel the difference in my skin after I’ve used it. It helps open up skin’s pores which is one of the most essential factors when it comes to healthy skin. So please, for the love of your skin, make sure you use a face wash.

5. Scarf: I live in a metro and sometimes I feel that an added layer of protection for my skin goes a long way in protecting it while I travel. This extra layer of protection is my scarf that I use every day. The way I see it, there are many benefits of using a scarf. It protects my skin from pollution, sun damage, heat and also protects my makeup. When I began using a scarf initially I used to feel suffocated, but over time I got used to it and now I never travel without it.

Protecting your skin while you travel is very important no matter where you live. So if you have some tips that will help me protect my skin, do let me know in the comments. I love my skin and I know you do too, so let’s protect it together.

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