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Boroplus is a trusted brand since 1984. Used by crores of households, its flagship product Boroplus Antiseptic Cream is the No.1 antiseptic cream in the world. Boroplus Moisturising Lotion has been launched a decade ago to provide winter problem solutions in a modern format.

Boroplus uses natural and time tested skin loving ingredients that ensure gentle yet effective care of skin. It gives you everyday confidence to take on the world by offering the promise of healthy skin through protection and nourishment.

Internationally, Boroplus is trusted by millions across 30 countries including Russia & CIS, Bangladesh & Middle East.

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Kangana Ranaut

Now, I really don’t worry about my skin! No matter what my skin goes through, I can now repair it easily with my BoroPlus Total Results Moisturising Lotion.

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Parineeti Chopra

I am falling in love with my skin all over again! My skin now feels baby soft, glows like never before and has a silky texture to it.

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Sania Mirza

The glow just won’t go off my skin! And why would I want it to? My BoroPlus Total Results Moisturising Lotion keeps my skin protected and moisturised all day long.

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